We Have a Winner!

book cover of We Have a Winner!: America's weird and wonderful races, derbies, pageants, and eating contests by Railey Jane Savage

We Have a Winner!: America’s Weird and Wonderful Races, Derbies, Pageants, and Eating Contests.

Lyons Press, 2017

From marathon dancing, to food eating contests, beauty pageants, pole sitting, rotten sneaker contests, animal calling contests, phone-booth stuffing, outhouse races, and more, Americans love competing to see who can do anything better than anyone else. We Have a Winner! is a visually stunning tour, from coast to coast, through America’s often whacky, uniquely themed contests. Covering more than a century’s worth of competition, and packed with photos and fascinating sidebars, this book shows how the American competitive spirit—as kooky as it sometimes is—mirrors American trends, innovation, and news.

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