Press, Reviews, Savage shoutouts

NPR’s Off the Page:
Railey spoke with WSKG’s Crystal Sarakas in January 2022 about Swindles, going deeper into some of the cons while discussing lessons contemporary America might learn from fraudsters from the past.

The Ithaca Times:
Railey spoke at length with The Ithaca Times’ Lyndsey Honor for this local profile.
“Americans Have Always Treasured Their Right to Be Conned,” by Tony Russo. A lengthy, positive review from a stranger on the internet.

The Cortland Standard:
An interview wherein reporter Katie Keyser lovingly highlights Swindles, Railey’s Tompkins County links, and the seasonal Savage double chin.

Featured in Smith College’s “Notes from Paradise,” March 30, 2022


What some Amazon reviewers have to say about Swindles:
“Well-written and meticulously researched…”
“Definitely looking forward to more from Ms. Savage!”
“My go-to holiday gift…”
“Worth picking up.”
“Another winner!”
“Savage’s writing is playfully seasoned with a Scrabble-player’s love of language.”